I own several companies I have founded.


Reegy helps companies measure, track and reduce their carbon emissions and resource consumption.

My climate tech company Reegy is at the forefront of helping to stop climate change by making decarbonizing simple for mid-sized and large companies.


Founded: 2023


Business Sector: SaaS, Climate Tech

Social Diving®

What started out as a small scuba diving school in Munich, is now one of the leading online resources for scuba diving, travel, and other water sports in the world.

Ten thousands of people read and watch our content every month and the number is growing by the day.

Scuba diver swimming with fish underwater

Founded: 2018


Business Sector: Travel, Water sports

Two monitors and keyboard lights for programming


Marketing automation services, web design resources, product reviews, and digital creative works are the core offerings of Pixelhackers.

Dozens of successfully completed projects and just as many happy current clients.

Founded: 2020


Business Sector: Digital agency

Launhardt Consulting

Strategy, tech, and leadership consulting for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners.

Founded: 2019


Meeting room with "do good things" written on the wall

Other sites I am involved in

Bio-inspired design resources, biomimicry, green energy, and more.

Luxury scuba diving travel agency that offers the full package for those who like to dive and travel in style.

Scuba diving escape game operator.

Custom WordPress plugin development services.

Publications & online lifestyle resources.